Off-Topic - June Training Certifications


We completed our June trainings, some 100 people over 5 days, 2 hours or so each day. We covered Access Management, Policy Management, Internal Controls, Compliance Management and Risk Management.

We issued just now 41 certifications, you can get your certification by logging on the learning portal. You need to use the email you used during the training.

Only those that completed the attendance sheet 5 times get it, no exceptions please do not insist.

Overall I think the session went well, I leave the ANONYMOUS feedback we got at the end of training, once again it puts in evidence how important these training sessions are to implement eramba. The same applies to our implementation workshops (800 eur / 8 hours), they deliver a ton of value for money. We ENCOURAGE people to buy them unless they know very well what they are doing. Contact to purchase them.

Non-edited feedback from the participants when asked: TWO WORDS THAT COME TO YOUR MIND:

thank you

Thank you!

Implementation plan

Awesome and Useful

Thorough & Supportive

Eramba is great

Knowledge. How to put this in practice

Execellent training

GRC essential

Vast and Extensive

thorough & engaging


Very Helpful.

it was a lot some things are more clear now some not so much yet

Very interesting!

Nice, high tempo walk through! Really good. Helping to get us started in implementing Enterprise version.

Very well

Easy GRC

very useful

next-step planing

“Scary reality” - of what work I have ahead

Good reassurance that I’ve understood it all.

good introduction

Esteban is entertaining

Very very interesting training. We were lost and now with the training we can understand how it works. Thanks Esteban!

Thinking about upgrading to Entreprise Plan

Organized GRC approach

very informative

Reinforced knowledge

Excelent Training

well-explained & brilliant

Great training for our situation; implemented eramba and review if our treatment is aligned with the use of the tool

Good to learn from the maker himself. It make me understand your perspective of Eramba as well.

Policy control risk

Insightful Structured

Lack of multi-tenant is a key missing feature, enterprise is hard to get past management for small businesses, powerful solution

Different thinking

Soo helpful

Great command over subject

  1. Use 2. Common 3. Lingo (or get an ISMS/GRC person to do the training)

They way that this was all tied together was really eye opening and helpful. The training made sense! Should you create a partner program, a training like this should be essential. Not sure if you have a partner program but I would be very interested if you did. It would be a good way for Eramba to scale. If there is interest in this, please reach out. I would like to offer Eramba to all my customers.

Great experience

Eramba Rocks!

finally I understand GRC SW

Happy Friday

intense and brief

Thank you

How can you assist us in making a concise presentation to the top management?

good training

Very well job done

Yes! Simple

I’m ready to start building in eramba

Informative, relevant

Eramba rules

Learn GRC

Eramba is a flexible tool.

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