Off topic - Summer Holidays

Summer is here and despite COVID some of us will take some holidays at home and far from the Internet.

This of course wont affect customers: invoices, quotes, software patching, developing, testing, etc all continues as we have staff redundancy for those core functions but my absence does affect:

  • Pre-sales stuff (people interested in learning more about eramba)
  • Online Trainings / Consulting

From 20th July to approximately 10th August we wont be able to help with these tasks, how we’ll handle such requests then?

  • If its a meeting (demo, consulting, etc) we’ll assign you a time-slot after 10th August
  • Any other email related to pre-sales will wait until my return

We all need time off and redundancy costs money most people do not want to pay for (including us) in particular if we always try to market eramba as the cheapest possible GRC tool.


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