Offtopic - Consulting/Demo Calls not available from 15/may to 15/june

For personal reasons Esteban will be away from 15/May to 5/June (some 20 days) and the following services will be affected:

  • demo calls
  • consulting hours
  • anything that requires his signature

A typical demo call takes 40-50 minutes and goes into a lot of detail … %90 of the customers need the same things (risk, compliance, etc) so if you want you can watch a recording of a demo here. Take notes on your questions, send them to and on my return i’ll reach back:

the following services WONT be affected:

  • support
  • purchasing licenses, invoicing ,etc
  • partner stuff
  • issuing licenses
  • software development

In the 6-7 years of selling enterprise licenses this is the first time that such service interruption occurs, so it is very incredible unusual. Core services are covered all the time because we have backups but well apparently Esteban is irreplaceable.

If you have requests of the this type, email and you will be assigned a slot in Esteban calendar (after 15th June) so you will still be assisted.

Thank you

Correct to assume you can still sell Enterprise licenses in his absense?

yes - the only thing we dont do is consulting or demo calls