Offtopic - eramba is ISO 27001:2022 Certified

We are happy to announce we have completed the week long audit for ISO 27001:2022 successfully, no NC identified, some minor areas of improvement. The certificate will follow in the coming weeks.

The scope reads:

The design, delivery and support of eramba software and services in accordance with SoA version 1.

As a small, growing project, we felt ISO would help us show the world we are committed to improve and give a little more confident on the way we deliver services. We know we were slow to catch up on support / forum questions this week, we were just too busy with audit stuff. We’ll do our best to catch up tomorrow.

Many thanks to Lyudmil (our newly appointed CISO) and Sam (our go to guy for almost anything) for their help. Of course to the rest of the team because as you know this stuff is a team work.


Congrats team Eramba.

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