Offtopic - Instructor Led Training in September

Another session of our free and very popular and probably very helpful (many and’s) implementation training is taking place in September. We just mailed all our customers and community.

Registration form: September 2023 Training

September 7
15:00 CET - Access Management,

  • Access Control,
  • Authentication

September 8
15:00 CET - User Interface,

  • Policy Management,
  • Policy Reviews,
  • Notifications,
  • Automatic Reviews Process

September 11
15:00 CET - Internal Controls,

  • Audits,
  • Evidence Gathering,
  • Notifications,
  • Basic Reporting,
  • Custom Fields

September 12
15:00 CET - Compliance Managements,

  • Mappings,
  • Control / Policy Linking,
  • Reporting

September 13
15:00 CET - Risk Management,

  • Risk Reviews,
  • CSV Imports,
  • Reporting,
  • Dynamic Status

Many thanks for this eramba training opportunity. Could you let us know about the approximate duration of each of the 5 training sessions?


every session is 2 hours long. The whole training will be about 10 hours.




I’ve registered to attend the class. Do you know when will you be send out the information and the link to the join the class?



just did, holiday tempo

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Hi there.
I would like to register for this training, but it seems as if the registration form for September 2023 training is gone. Is there an alternative way to register for the training?
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards

i was just now playing with this thing and i messed it up, try again. invites will be sent later this week.

Hi kisero,
I meant the training in September. :slight_smile:
Already seen that the august training is gone :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking care of this. Already registered for the September training.
Kind regards

Hi, I am unable to register on the link provided. Please find the screenshot here.

Hi Team,

Could someone please help with the workshop registration here? I am unable to open the workform link.

Swikruti Das.