Offtopic - ISO27k to NIS2/DORA Mappings


we have published on our grc template website packages for NIS2 (250 requirements) and Dora, you will see linked policies and controls that can be used on most of their requirements. we’ll continue working on them a little bit more in the coming weeks but this as it is now is a good headstart.

we have also made public mappings in between, the % indicates the percentage of items (from dora and nis2) that can be mapped.

  • iso27001 and NIS2 - %5 mapped items
  • iso27002 and NIS2 - %28 mapped items
  • iso 27001 and DORA - %20 mapped items
  • iso 27002 and DORA - %88 mapped items

we have also uploaded new compliance packages for:

  • NIS2 (an updated version of what we had before)
  • ISO 22301:2019

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