Offtopic - March Training Certifications

At the end of march we completed our 5 day instructor led training, some 100 participants in total. We want to thank them for their patience, hopefully they have learned something new.

Out of those 100 people, 49 met the two criteria for issuing Risk & Compliance certificates:

  • Participated in 4 out of 5 the trainings (from begining to end)
  • Registered their email in our learning portal
  • Recorded, on every day of training, the email mentioned above on the training attendance sheet

18 people did not meet requirement (2) and therefore, even when they meet requirements (1) and (3), will not get a certificate. We notified them by email about this issue.

Out of the 100 people that participated and answered our end-of-course questionnaire we got the following feedback. It is evident we need to continue with these trainings every couple of months.

Hey, so what about those who fail to fulfil the second requirement? Are you not issuing them the certificate?

Also, is there any other method to get certified for eramba?

you mean this one? we emailed all of them asking them to create an account on the learning portal, once that is done we’ll issue certificates

at this moment, only by participating on the instructor led trainings. next one will be in one month-ish.

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Hi @kisero, have the certificates been issued yet for the March sessions?

I received the mentioned email on 05/04, stating that I was entitled to get the certificate but no account could be found on the learning platform.

I had previously logged into the learning platform and completed a handful of sections, and I have logged in since the notification, but still do not see any certification recorded once authenticated via email link.

Thanks in advance.