Offtopic - New Website is Out

A ton of work has been invested on this new website, new learning platform, new documentation content, new community release, docker installation and very very very very soon SaaS


Just FYI, your email leading to this thread contains 2 broken links:

thanks! fixed

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Excellent website! Also the learning section and everything.

Few weeks ago we installed the Community c2.8.1 version, and just saw that the documentations on the new website show a Community version 3.15. At the same time, our “Update” section under “Settings” shows that no update is available.

Will the new updates be available at our settings?



Thank you!
We are working on the migration from version 2.8.1 to 3.16.0. Most probably, it will be part of the release 3.18.0. It will not be a normal update, it will be an import/export of the database/csv files.

I tried with tons of passwords but I always receive the same error of password mismatch

When I try to download ANY document from:
opensourceGRC // internal-controls // internal-controls

we will be migrating opensource in the coming months, in the meantime downloads use this button

logins are not allowed

This week we have reviewed the following written documentation:

  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Policy Management
  • Internal Controls

We found many things to improve … this is the never ending story of documenting. We also invested a ton of hours in nearly 30 new videos. They have all been uploaded now. Remember you learn how to use eramba on our Learning portal not in Youtube! … The learning portal is made of episodes set on a very specific order.

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