Pricing - Currency Exchanges

The way we handle currency exchanges will be updated. As of today if you purchase a license:

  • EUR: you pay 2500 EUR
  • USD: you pay 3000 USD
  • GBP: you pay 2150 GBP

This is because for a long time we used fixed rates depending on your preferred currency (yet another stupidity we came up with long ago and never corrected)

When our new website will be public (around September or October) we will set EUR as our official pricing currency and if you want to pay in another currency we will use the ECB rate of the day when the invoice/quote was created plus %3 commision Today this means:

  • EUR: 2500 EUR
  • USD: 2540 USD + 76.2 = 2616 USD
  • GBP: 2105 GBP + 63.15 = 2168.15 GBP

As you can see because the EUR is down these days most USD customers will buy cheaper and UK customers will pay more or less the same. The %3 commission is to cover our banks commission fees.

The same applies to:

  • Credit Card Fees
  • Consulting Hours

Sometimes we have to explain people why we charge 100 USD/EUR for credit card fees, the reason is because we get charged that amount: