Question - 60+ to all notifications

We recently updated our Eramba to the newest update, and in that process we updated to 2.17.0 where we read in the patch notes that you added a 60+ day notification option to Eramba, but we havent been able to find the option. Is there a specific setting we need to enable or are we doing something wrong?


hello simon

where are you missing the notification, can you please share a screenshot and version your eramba is right now?


Hello Eramba,

We are missing the option to choose more than 30± days when making a filter for the notfication.
Our version is 2.19.2.

That is a filter, not a notification !

Notifications are configured here:

As you can see the option is there:

Okay, my bad, but can you only make these kinds of notifications under Internal Controls?

im not sure we are understanding eachother :slightly_smiling_face:

please send an email to , we’ll discuss there and update this post if needed!

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It’s okay, I got the answer I needed, thanks for the help