Question - Account Reviews Upload via API?

I see a new feature in 3.18.0 is the ability to upload account review feeds via API. I do not see any documentation in the learning portal for this, though, I do see the swagger for it.

What’s the intended scenario for this? Looking at the swagger, it looks like one would just push the path to the file (which would be placed in a static location, not much different from how it originally worked) instead of uploading a file using a POST. Is this accurate?

Hello David,

You can find api requests in eramba collection.
It is intended mainly for Saas version, we will add more documentation when the Saas is finally live.

Hi Sam,

I do see it in the swagger feed - I’m just trying to reconcile the added feature (which is states “Possibility to upload file for Account review via API” in the release notes) to what I’m seeing. I’m only seeing the ability to add a feed via the API (which still requires a file path) and no capability to upload a file via the API.

If the intent of the feature is just a building block for the future/SaaS, that’s fine - just wanted to make sure I understood what exactly was added with that feature.

a “feed” is a “file” , the feed contains a file with the accounts to be reviewed !