Question - Anything but Dasboard and Setting lead to Internal error

So this is my first install. After i login and changed the default password, clicking anything on the left sent me the internal error.
Any help will be appreciated.


Community or enterprise installation? Can you go to settings/error logs and diagnostics and send us the logs? Also, share the about page so we can see the application ID. Based on what you posted above we won’t be able to help much.

Ah, sorry for the simple description, it was community installation
I already sent the logs. Here is the ID

Are you using MySQL container or you are connecting to a remote database?

I use the MySQL container, just checked it in Docker Desktop and seems that its running normally.
I do use Xamp for some school project a few year ago but it was uninstalled.

From the logs, it looks like strict mode is not enabled in MySQL.
You can try to check system health on the settings page, there should be a few issues not ok.

It work! Seems that the reason is mysql ignore the config file custom.cnf, all i have to do is to change the file to read-only.
Thanks you so much Sam.

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