Question - API Issue - Missing Route

Good day,

I’m running across an issue with the API where the result is a missing route error. Here’s the error message for the security services, but the result is the same regardless of API endpoint:

{"exception":"MissingRouteException","message":"Not Found","url":"\/api\/security-services\/index","error":{},"code":404}

Interestingly, when I use Swagger to test the endpoint, it works. Using curl from the eramba server itself or any other outside server fails with the error above. Note that the curl command was copied exactly from Swagger with the “-k” option added to ignore certificate errors.

I’ve validated permissions are correct for the API user account and attached screenshots showing both Swagger and curl results. The result is the same when using PowerShell and the “Invoke-RestMethod” cmdlet.

Swagger - Return Success

Curl - Return Error

EDIT: The application version is 3.19.1

After working with support, the resolution turned out to be surprisingly simple. When a user is first created, it needs to be logged on at least once for background setup tasks to be completed.

We had created a dedicated API user in the system which hadn’t been logged on to the HTML console since it was first setup roughly 3 years ago. It appears that after the upgrade from 3.18.x to 3.19.x, the user just needs to be logged on one more time. After we logged the user in once, the API started working again.

Thanks to Sam and team for helping us resolve this on the first support call.

yes true, i think we could add this to the documentation because i know it has happened before and the error message is nowhere clear in that regard.