Question - API Pagination

I’m building a bot in Python that pulls info from Eramba but I’m not finding a way how to get page 2 items. It’s not mentioned in the API document either. I have seen other services using url for pagination. I.e /securityServices/index?page_count=2" + “.json” (Also tried just page=2) but that does not seem to work. Am I missing something?

I’ll ask our developers and get back to you !

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I actually figured it out now. Just had to add .json at the end of the url (/securityServices/index/page:2.json) and this worked. Feel free to close this now.

cool then! we are missing API’s against the filters, that will come once we complete the new template.

int ref:

Correct form for pagination: page=4
For limit: limit=100
And when you want to use it together: page=4&limit=100
example url:

the entire api documentation has been revised … it still isnt perfect … but at least it makes a bit more sense now