Question - API web hooks carriage return issues

When adding in enter commands (e.g. carriage return) in Asset Risk Management – Description and any custom field where paragraphs of text can be entered. If generating a JSON script (automatically when creating a webhook api call to another system), we are finding that the carriage return character is not being removed, hence crashing the JSON script for the webhook request.

Potential resolution: Include the same code or principles creating JSON based on inverted comma’s checking and conversion in the JSON script.

please describe step by step how ot get to this issue, use screenshots and examples!


This brings up another issue re: API error management and debug export. There is not way to get screenshots of the issue as the web hook content cannot be exported and is only a hover over note to the web hook.
Is there a way to export the log for web hook errors?
This will allow better, easier diagnosis.

Hello Michael,
We can do a call if it is easier for you to explain.
Regarding export of webhooks, you can go to Settings/Webhook request and from there you can export as usual.

We will take this on

Thank you. I have been able to replicate this from cutting and pasting from a pdf file to the long description fields.