Question: Are "new install" packages expected to contain a different layout than "upgrade" packages?

I’m attempting to install the Enterprise edition from source after having already successfully installed the Community edition.

I downloaded various .zip files from Downloads , and expected the layout of the “new install” package to differ from the “upgrade” packages. The “new install” package does not seem to have files needed to host Eramba. I thought that perhaps everything would be copied from the “app/upgrade” directory during execution of the post_install_cmd, but that did not happen. Now the installation instructions are asking me to edit files that aren’t present in my system.

Does the current “new install” package contain everything I need to install Eramba Enterprise Edition?


There were many changes done in that regard. From version 3.12.0, new install packages and update packages are the same.
Now, what files you are trying to update? What various zip files did you download? You only need one.
Can you please elaborate a little bit? Also please share which piece of documentation you are referring to.

I’m attempting to install Eramba using the Source Code - Install & Configuration Guide linked to from Eramba’s documentation page under “Installation & Configuration Guides → Source Code Install”. I’m able to follow these instructions until the “File Permissions” section where a screenshot shows a collection of files which were not present in the deployment package I downloaded. I only have an “app/upgrade” folder.

What various zip files did you download?

I attempted to use the “New Install” package from . I downloaded a few upgrade packages for comparison.

I see that the default .htaccess file rewrites requests to app/upgrade/webroot, and it looks like all the files I was expecting to find are in this folder.

I was able to get Eramba installed today. We can consider these questions as resolved.

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