Question - Asset Based Risk Non-Visibility on Dashboard

Upon adding the Asset Based Risk, it is not visible on the Risk Matrix, present at the Dashboard. Also the Asset Based Risk Matrix displayed is different for different users.

Kindly Guide with the issue.

I would refer to the documentation: Graphical Reports | Eramba learning portal


Visualisation settings will affect what users will see on these charts (review visualisation concepts), if you would like to avoid visualisation from taking effect you can disable the toggle and everyone (no matter who logs in) will see the same charts based on all data on the system.

This could be related to the previous topic or perhaps the chart is cached and needs to be refreshed, check the following documentation link:

Documentation: Graphical Reports | Eramba learning portal


Your dashboards can not be previewed, you need to activate them on the system, log out and then log in to preview them. Click on the top menu bar in “Active Dashboard”, select the template you wish to use and then save.