Question - Asset Risk Management Section Reporting filters and CSV exporting

I want to create a Asset Risk Management Section Report to filter risks that are not mitigated. I don’t see the option when using the Filter widget and selecting options from the drop down menu. The current filters wont work based on the logic I want. Furthermore, it can only be exported via PDF.

Is this not possible in Asset Risk Management Reporting, or am I looking in the wrong place? Is Excel exporting also not a feature?

Have you created the filter that you want and saved it in the main screen before attempting to add it to a report?

From an excel perspective, you can use CSV export from the main filter screen - select the data you want with the filter → Options → CSV → export all pages.

isnt this what you need? filters can be part of reports and those can be exported as pdf anytime. filters can be scheduled by email and that also can be a pdf.

filters, reports, etc are on the 5th phase of the implementation roadmap of eramba. is very important to follow the implementation to make sure all basic learning courses are completed, understood and well implemented.

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Thank you. I am still relatively new to eramba and I am able to export correctly now.
CSV is a bit messy so I am sticking with PDF for the time being.