Question - Attachment storage

Hey all
General question. New to ER so not sure where to post this. I am getting ready to deploy ER into an AWS cluster. We are going to use the IR module and there was a question as to where attachments are stored. Are they on the filesystem or in the DB? Only reason I ask is I want to drop them either on an encrypted volume or DB as they will be somewhat sensitve

Hi Marc,

Attachments are stored as files no the filesystem (app/webroot/) so if looking at a cluster you will need to make sure that directory is +rw by all clusters (as they all might write or read attachments).

Some time ago we used EFS under AWS and worked quite ok, i think back then encryption was not available.

In general both app/tmp/ and app/webroot/ will need the same level of access by members of your cluster.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the assist…

Note: we will start storing attachments on the DB somewhere around this year. The new feature will include a migration tool that will move files to the DB.

Are there any updates on this item/issue?
We have to start adding sensitive attachments, or start linking to external sources.


Not really on the roadmap to be honest , why would the DB would be safer than the filesystem?