Question - authentication issues with API


to monitore the risks, theirs reviews and the state of Eramba, i built a Power Bi report using the API risk/index and reviews/index. The data are collected thanks to an API user that i created and everythings worked fine.

Now that the user list can also be accesed through API, i wanted to add it on my data set. However, when i try to import, as i used to do, i get stucked on Eramba’s login page and cannot in use the credentials of the API users to get the data.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thank you

check credentials perhaps? the account you use must meet certain conditions to use APIs


Try to log in with the user you are using for APIs, directly in the web browser. It is possible that the user preparation process needs to run.

I have tested this also, and even after running the new user login for account preparation when you enter the user details clicking the login button does nothing.

Can you share the request with url and headers so I can reproduce it on our side?

I managed to get some more testing in and it appears that my Power BI (Desktop) was not signed in to my company account… it works fine now!

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i found a solution : i have been able to import the data by directly creating and editing two empty queries : one fonction to retrieve the data and one to import in a table.

Hope it can help.