Question - AWS certificate manager and Eramba

Hello all,
I am trying to configure TLS certificates for Eramba. We use AWS certificate manager. would anyone know how to configure that.

The learnings mention that we’ll need to update the Apache files in Eramba.

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The documentation explains where to upload your private and public keys: Docker Install | Eramba learning portal

Perhaps you want to check that?

yes I saw that but with AWS I wasn’t able to download the certificate that our hosted zones use.
so wanted to ask if anyone in the community has worked with AWS route53, the certificate manager and Eramba. Trying. probably will not need to change anything in Eramba certification settings. if i figure out how ill update here for anyone’s future reference.

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So you have to configure an Application Load Balancer (ALB) in front of your ec2 instance which has the Eramba App. The ALB should be associted to your Route 53 DNS entry as well.
Then use the certificate that is being used for the domain you used in the Route53 entry. can be a wildcard certificate for the domain. or standard certificate for the complete FQDN.

In ALB configuration create a target group that has your ec2 instance. then create at least two listeners entries.
http 80 to https 443
then 443 to the target group you created.

we wouldnt need to change the cert files in Eramba Apache configurations.