Question - AWS DNS record entry not working for eramba

I created a DNS record entry in AWS route53 for my eramba enterprise installation. but the DNS URL is not working. The application is accessible via the Ip address though. Is there an eramba docker level setting that i will have to do?

What i have tried is to create a public address entry in the docker .env file according to the eramba learning (didnt work)
Create an AWS Route 53 DNS entry. (not working)

Any help would be appreciated.

Can’t point a CNAME at an IP address…

lol yeah, my bad.
I changed it to type A. still not working though. do i have to do any eramba level config for dns record entry?


In .env file you have public setting config. Make sure it is matching what you are trying to setup.

I tried this. but it doesn’t work.
now when I type the IP address the Eramba page opens but with an error. it says
“An internal error has occurred”

Please write us at and we will check together.

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