Question - Can I create multiple maintenance items with different descriptions, for 1 control

I know I can create multiple maintenance items with different dates under 1 control but as far as I can tell they all must have the same description.

I have an access review control and would like to create the different reviews as separate maintenance items…each one would have a different description and be assigned to different people. Does anyone know how this can be done?


is not possible, you have two options:

  • one control per maintenance type
  • describe more than one task in the text field available to you, you might need clarifications if there is more than one recipient for that notifications.

i think you raised a support issue - i’ll redirect that to this post.


Thank you.

Can I please be kept up to date on this? If it would be a future enhancement I could continue to use Eramba and just track these items in a spreadsheet but I wouldn’t want to do that long term.

I appreciate the help