Question - Change apache port after install

We succesfully installed Eramba with the default configuration, however we now want to change the default 8443 port. What configuration files are needed to do the change? I’ve looked at the apache2 conf files but couldn’t find any references. Also, my vhost-ssl.conf shows “<VirtualHost *:443>” by default.

Assuming you are using docker, you should use docker compose - bring down you deployement, change the port, and use compose to bring up the deployement again.

Assuming you have followed the documentation, the data should be persisted.
you should never change anything inside a running container, as containers are supposed to be declerative by nature. (write the desired state > deploy > write(updates to) desired state > deploy > … repeat)

hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

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Thank you @jonas.von.scholten , I somehow overlooked this topic.
I will just add commands so it is perfectly clear what to do.
To bring down community deployment:
docker compose -f docker-compose.simple-install.yml down
then re-deploy again
docker compose -f docker-compose.simple-install.yml up -d

To bring down enterprise deployment:
docker compose -f docker-compose.simple-install.yml -f docker-compose.simple-install.enterprise.yml down

and up again
docker compose -f docker-compose.simple-install.yml -f docker-compose.simple-install.enterprise.yml up -d

Thank you all! I found that you need to modify docker-compose.simple-install.yml and change ports to 443:443