Question - changing audit settings

when we create controls, we configure them based on the audit calendar we expect to have in the future, that is this tab:

if you are creating a new control, eramba will create audit records for the current and next year based on your settings.

if you are updating a control that already has audits created (and some completed and some not) then it depends what setting on the control you change what will happen:

  • you change dates? if you add new dates, eramba will create new audit records for those dates. if you delete dates, eramba wont create or delete records

  • you change the methodology, success, audit owner, audit evidence owner fields? eramba will update the audit records which are not already completed with the new information

of course, if you do both the above together, all new records created (because you set new dates for example) will include these new settings.

if you set dates in the past, eramba will create these records (for the current and next calendar year), you can delete or complete those “past” audits. so if i update a conrol with a date in april today, i’ll get a “past audit” for april 2021 and another for 2022.