Question - Collecting data in eramba

To create a:

  • Risk
  • Review
  • Audit
  • OA
  • Data Flow
  • Asset Inventory
  • Policy Inventory
  • etc

I need to ask questions to people. Today in eramba we dont do that, we assume you somehow:

1- collect data (interview, questionnaire, you invent it, etc)
2- normalise the data in a format you can then “import” it to eramba (doing clicks, rest or csv)
3- import it into eramba

Now we want to dig a little bit on how to collect and normalise data using eramba. the problem with the three steps above is that you want control over the quality of data that reaches step 3.

To achieve [1-3] we can go broadly speaking two ways:

A- expanding Online Assessments
B- creating user defined workflows where people simply logs into eramba and creates what they want on any module (which has been customised)

We face this dilema, we might actually need both of them. But we need to start with one of them. This is braindump btw. if we ever get some money it would be cool to buy an ipad and pen.

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