Question - Community: Max Execution Time Error

When running /var/www/html/eramba_community/app/Console/cake system_health check

The following error is reported:

Name: Max Execution Time
Description: We require setting max execution time to be equal or more than 200 seconds. You can find this setting on your php.ini (under /etc/) file under the setting: max_execution_time
Status: Error

After checking both apache2 and cli php.ini, both have the max execution set to 600, and both files are exactly the same.

; Maximum execution time of each script, in seconds
; Note: This directive is hardcoded to 0 for the CLI SAPI
max_execution_time = 600

Not to bust the chops of the developers here, but the tooling doesn’t see that well documented.
Is this just for the community version, or is the Enterprise version the same?

I’m just conscious about how much time to invest in this, as it seems from the forums that there are multiple issues with both versions.

It may be a really low priced product and have some great features, but if its not stable and requires constant effort to maintain and troubleshoot then I would have to question how much value it really brings. I’m really just interested in any of the communities experiences here.

Yes, when you run the command from CLI, max execution time is in theory infinite, so it does not matter what you will setup in php.ini for cli. System health check run from the command line will always show this one item as not ok. This is of course fixed already in the enterprise version. You don’t have to worry about that if everything is ok on system health in GUI.

I think you’re raising two different issues here →

First one → Have you restarted apache since changing those values in the ini files? I’ve done a ton of setups and system health is not something I’ve had an issue with being accurate.

Second one → You’ve got several loaded statements in here that appear to be playing the game “jump to conclusions” from everyone’s favorite movie, Office Space.

Related to installation difficulties: The documentation to install is written from the perspective of someone that has Linux administration experience. What I’ve seen in the forums over the years is that folks having a difficult time installing it and getting it running are not Linux administrators by trade. This is mitigated by a VMDK image being offered that has virtually all of the linux level configuration done for the user, just have to load up and go and will be fully mitigated with the SaaS hosted option that is launching in the coming months.

Related to the actual product: Quite frankly, you’re not going to find a better value for what eramba is capable of doing anywhere. One of the initial first differences you’ll see is that it was designed by folks that actually did compliance and security work as their day job in order to meet the needs of such job. There’s absolutely going to be rough edges and a long lead time for new features here and there as it’s a small team compared to the VC drinking startups that can’t GRC their way out of a paper bag, but you’ll find that they take a lot of pride in getting things right for their customers. Meanwhile, those VC backed startups are hiring folks as “product managers” that have never actually worked in the field and it shows in both the demos when I stump them with basic questions. Schedule a demo with Esteban and you’ll get what you need to know from a current and future state of the capabilities here.


Yeah I’ve heard good things about Eramba, and i’m using the VMware file, and read through the documents, but I was getting a little frustrated with the cron jobs not running, then seeing the other errors.

I’ve tried a whole raft of GRC tooling, and none of them were really any good, which resulted in a pretty negative experience in the GRC space, so maybe my perspective is a little warped here, for that I truly apologise. I will certainly persist, and its great to hear about the SaaS hosted option.

Thank you Davis and Sam for your friendly comments, in spite my somewhat pessimistic view. I’ll shake it off and approach this with new vigour :slight_smile:

Have an awesome weekend…

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%90 of our support tickets is about sorting up linux stuff for customers. And that is a calculated fact. we are hoping that SaaS and Dockers will simplify this to some extent.