Question - Configure SSL for community edition

Hello all,

our scenario is a windows domain with our PKI (windows server CA) and eramba (VMware install).

There is no reverse proxy in this network segment. And I am accessing Eramba from another host in the same subnet with the server.

I have read the documentation which seems straightforward. Issued a webserver certificate from our CA and imported it on the linux server. I left the name as “mycert” to keep things easier.

I also installed a Server certificate for the server to be trusted from the windows hosts in the network.

Tried “compose down - compose up”. Many reboots. Emptied the browser cache just in case.

But i can’t seem to make it work.

In documentation says that until you import the right certificate, the server will keep using the self-signed.

So, the question is: what exactly should the certificate contain?

We have already a web server certificate, but this is for IIS servers. Does the apache needs something extra? or a linux server with apache needs something else? Maybe another template on the CA?

I have the feeling that under the Key usage in the Web server certificate template should contain more than the digital signature value.

Thank you in advance for your time / ideas.