Question - Configuring email using o365

Is anyone using office 365 for their SMTP server to send emails?

If yes could you confirm how you got it working or the settings used?

I’ve set everything as per microsoft guidelines, tried both ports 587 and 25, selected TLS and confirmed the username and password is correct.

The only thing I can think of is office says to select STARTTLS as the encryption type, which isn’t an option in Eramba.

I know this o365 account I’m using works as I’ve successfully configured SMTP email in another system.

we dont use office 365 so we never tested it by ourselves but i checked on support and noticed a few customers do use this so i asked them to share the settings , if i hear back i’ll update this post.

Is there anyone on the forum that can assist?

eramba - has any of your customers managed to get back to you, who are willing to share their settings or provide guidance?


Solved - Our conditional access rules in Azure AD were the cause. Nothing wrong with Eramba.

bravo! very useful stuff to share too