Question - Confirmation of triggers for project notifications

In the project management module. For both awareness and warning notifications, can it be confirmed which project status values will trigger an email notification?

E.g. only trigger if status = ongoing, or trigger if status = ongoing or planned?

It seems when status = planned for the warning notification (no activity Xdays) no emails are sent out.
I think when no previous comments have been made for a project warning notifications for inactivity do not get generated either.


for awareness notifications it does not matter what is the status and for warning notifications status must be ongoing.

all this can be defined with the coming dynamic status i believe, as you well say, warning trigger on ongoing projects alone.

Hi - Sorry to revisit an old post of mine, I may be able to explain it better now that 2.10 is released.

What is the trigger for warning notifications for inactivity, whether the item is a project or project task? Specifically does it include Last Comment time (which doesn’t seem to influence Last Update time) or is it only based on Last Update time.

If Last Comment time is not included as a trigger for inactivity - is it possible to:

  • have it included in the warning notification for inactivity
  • as a separate warning notification, or
  • allow a dynamic status change based on last comment time?

We need to include on the dynamic status “fields” type the following values (date):

We already have “Created” on the list of options (this can trigger when a new item gets created) but we miss “Modified” which would mean when an item was “updated”

Comments and Attachment are a different story … we need them as functions:

  • Last Comment Date
  • Last Attachment Date

And the comparison operator would be the date picker, that would allow you to trigger a status when a comment was created “in the last day”


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Thanks! This will help our workflow.

it might work , we’ll see :slight_smile:

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It looks promising. Thanks! I’m guessing if it works you’ll provide a number of options e.g., 10, 15, 20, 30 days etc?

correct, the typical calendar options