Question - Connect to Google Cloud Identity LDAP?

Has anyone successfully connected to the google cloud identity ldap service?

It supports user/pass creds but the docs seem to imply that the cert is also required

In addition to authenticating with a certificate, some LDAP clients require that you enter a username and password. If the username and password fields are not mandatory, you can skip this step.

I don’t see any way to use the cert in eramba.

I worked around this by setting up stunnel on the eramba server, eg:


debug = 5
output = /var/run/stunnel4/google-ldap.log

client = yes
accept = localhost:1636
connect =
cert = /etc/stunnel/google-ldap.cert
key = /etc/stunnel/google-ldap.key

You still need to create a user/pass in google LDAP admin and use those in eramba.


Being a full LDAP novice, can anybody recommend the group connection LDAP Group Settings for for google-ldap?