Question - Connecting a Third Party Vendor to an asset

Is there a way to connect a third Party Vendor to an Asset? We are working with a Client and looking into all there Vendors. We have entered the Third Party Vendors and we have entered processes under the organization>Business. We would like to connect assets to they processes and connect the vendors to these assets. If this is possible how can this be done??


Hi all,

even in the company where I work and where we are using Eramba, this feature would be very useful.


hello - is not on the plan to add more connections, we’ll let people do whatever they want when custom fields allows users to add relationships.

int ref:

You can connect them via third party risks. One of the fields there has you select the asset that is shared and the third part in scope.

In a very simplistic set up, you could set up all vendors as a third party, then create risks for each of their services, for example Microsoft (third party) with Azure and Office365 as two risks associated with it. From there, associate your assets to the related risk. I find this to be the way to go for my smaller clients that don’t want to go nuts on the vendor risk assessment side of the world.