Question - cron job bin/cake queue run -q running every minute stdout

After upgrading to to 3.16.0 or so and though version 3.17.0 ( ok I don’t know when it started between there, but I belive was on 13.16.1 )

The cron job that now runs every minute ( * * * * * cd /path/to/eramba/app/upgrade && bin/cake queue run -q ) output the following to stdout

“”“Entity save failure. Found the following errors (server.validateCount: “Too many workers running. Check your Queue.maxworkers config.”).”“”

This causes the cron to generate a email notification.
The system seems to be running fine and Health checks all pass.

As a temporary work around to not irritate our system admins ( Don’t do this if you don’t like them ), I have changed the cron tabs to output to a log and quite the emails.

          • cd /path/to/eramba/app/upgrade && bin/cake queue run -q >> /var/log/mylogpath/eramaba_queue.log 2>&1

Hello Rick,

Yes, this error exists because we wanted to keep everything working for users that do not change from 10 minutes to 1-minute workers. You don’t have to worry about that.
Email notification must be some system setting that you have to change.
Your temporary workaround is very similar to what we have in the docker:

and I think it is a good solution.

Thanks for the reply and I don’t have to worry about the error.

Yes the cron process generates the local mail and sends it to the owner of the cron job by default. This could be changed as specified by man 8 cron by setting the MAILTO in crontab.

Our systems team that manages the server monitors the local systems which includes the local mail and maillog. I was unaware the cron jobs were generating output to stout and outside of the eramba log files. Which in our case generated a lot of notifications.

Glade to see our config to suppress the output is inline with what you are doing in docker.