Question - Dashboards visualisation rules

  • Is it possible to only show a user’s assigned work (where they are owner, collaborator, etc) in their dashboard instead of seeing all the other users’ upcoming tasks?
  • In the past there was a User dashboard, in latest version it seems one can only have 1 dashboard that is set as Active for all users, is that the case or am I missing something?

Thank you

what version are you talking about?

This is from the learning portal - it says that only one dashboard can be active and it applies to all users - so users cannot chose a different dashboard for their own profile?

I’m seeing this on 3.17

My question was also whether each user can see their own pending and/or upcoming tasks rather than seeing everyone’s, which can be confusing for users that just need to log in to do a review for example.

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Correct, you can not.

It should work that way, the person that logs in will see tasks that relate to that person, are you seeing something different?

Yes, people are seeing tasks related to other persons in the dashboard, including in Future and Expired tasks. For example they are seeing upcoming internal control audits where they are not set as any of the audit owner or audit evidence owner.

Do something:

  • send us a screenshot from system / settings / user where the user that logs in and has the issue … try to include the groups the user belongs to
  • send us a screenshot where you show the controls (make sure the owner/collaborator is shown) that incorrectly show in task , we’ll check it with you and then update this post


Done, thanks.

This is sorted thanks, it was a case of misconfigured visualisation settings.

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