Question - Disable guest access in Policy Portal


Is there a way to disable guest access in the Policy Portal?

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It is not possible in the current state. Let’s gather some more feedback from others and maybe we can create an feature request then.

I would like this also. As an example when we conduct a Policy/Document audit we send out an email notification to everyone highlighting that some content has changed etc. We construct a direct link to the policy/document in the email notification, but when the user clicks on the direct link it will error out as it cannot find the document!
If the user was already logged in (we use SAML authentication) it works ok, but if not the users have to go directly to the Document portal url, but this then automatically logs them in as a Guest, they have to log out as Guest then log back in using SAML. I have tried to construct a URL to automatically log then out, but this doesn’t work.
This is very annoying for users, unless anyone else has a workaround.

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I don’t know why you changed the behaviour in the first place, from the way it used to work!
I don’t recall there being any feature request from the user community for it to be changed.
Now we’re being asked to raise a feature request to fix it :sweat_smile:

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hi there

policies should not be set as “Public” if you do not wan’t them being displayed without authentication, isn’t that what you need?

if not please do a step by step guide so we understand each-other.


I came here to ask the same thing. Since the latest 3.24.0 update I noticed that the Guest Login is back.


And as you can see, no policy is public, so I do not need the Guest Login.

so the problem here is that:

"if there are no policies on the system with “public” visiblity, do not show than “guest sign in” option?

Kind of. I see it the other way around:

We don’t want a Guest Login option. I read here on the forum, that to achieve that, I would have to not have any public policies.

Its very possible I misunderstood though :slight_smile:

This works for us and I understand that someone might have a use case for having Guest Login. It would just be nice to be able to disable or hide this Guest Login since its is not needed for ours situation.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but what is the purpose of the Guest login? Surely if you want to make documents ‘Public’ and you accept that everyone can see them (Public), then why the need to login as Guest. After all there is no password required! For me it just causes a bad user experience especially with SAML authentication.