Question - Disable the strict_mode on Amazon RDS

Hi support,

I’m installing Eramba on AWS and as rDBMS I’m using Amazon RDS (MariaDB 10.4.8).
According to the Eramba’s System Health page, I’ve not disabled the MySQL strict mode.

So, I checked within the AWS console and I found out that the sql_mode parameter cannot be empty. Instead it should contains at least one of the options showed on the following screenshot.

I also found out that there is a boolean parameter called innodb_strict_mode which I can set to false (screenshot belowe)

I now would ask you the following questions:

  1. Why Eramba requires to disable the strict_mode? What happens if I do not disable it?
  2. How can I set sql_mode on Amazon RDS to make it properly works with Eramba? Remember that it cannot be empty.
  3. Setting innodb_strict_mode to false would allow me to satisfied Eramba requirement without caring about sql_mode configuration?

Best Regards,

Hello Gianluca,

You can use NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION. There is no need to change innodb_strict_mode.

Hi Sam,

that fixed the problem.

Thank you!