Question: Docker installation - which IPs/domains must be unblocked on the internal firewall?

I want to install Eramba on a company-internal server. Per default connection to the internet is blocked - connections to external sites must be explicitly allowed / whitelisted.

I already found some adresses in the documentation and some by trial and error:
  • ???

Is there a complete list of IP adresses/domains which have to be unblocked to be able to run the installation of dockerized Eramba ?

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The Eramba application only needs a connection to
GitHub is only needed when installing and/or updating the docker repository which happens from time to time but this is the docker layer, not eramba.

Hi Sam
thank you very much for your quick response!
The problem occurs when the firewall blocks connections required during the installation process…
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The Docker-installation (community-edition) finally worked after whitelisting these domains:

Maybe one should put this info into the official dokumentation.
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