Question - Does anyone have an implementation plan?

We want to implement Eramba in our organisation. Does anyone have an implementation plan that we can use?

did you check the documentation?

Read the whole website, learning, forum and I can write one myself, but if someone has done the work already…
I expected this to find on Docs - eramba but that is empty.

this link points to: Docs - eramba , that is not the documentation website of eramba.

you should try the website of eramba,, and then go to the documentation: Learning Portal | Eramba learning portal

So, I guess the question I’d have is… exactly what sort of implementation plan are you looking for?

Implementing a GRC program is difficult, implementing Eramba is fairly easy in comparison. The implementation challenge is typically taking your GRC program (or lack thereof) and getting it set up in a way that can be implemented in Eramba (or really, any other GRC program).

If you’re reasonably well versed in the risk/control/etc world, then the docs Esteban pointed you at should help get you going. They also offer (very cost effective) implementation workshops that can give you a hands on kickstart to getting your existing program into Eramba.

If you don’t have a good handle on the risk/control/etc world, it may be worth looking into an advisory firm to help get that sorted and implement Eramba as they go (pro-tip - Eramba partners that you can find on the website, like my company, would likely be ideal here).

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