Question: Easiest way to show which controls/policies are mapped to Compliance items?

I expect the answer to this will be obvious once you tell me, but I have rewatched the videos and read the docs a couple of times and cannot seem to find a Module & Tab on eramba which matches what I see in the video!

I have successfully set up my first Compliance Package and items for each clause (it is a rather obscure BSI spec, PAS1296…), and I have set up a bunch of my company’s policies and internal controls, and successfully mapped our controls to the compliance package items - all good there.

But what I cannot seem to find which module/tab/filter which shows be which controls and policies are mapped to my compliance items (i.e. the mapping I set on the ‘mitigations’ tab of my compliance items).

I can go into a ‘System Report’ for each compliance item and that will show me individually for each item, but I seem to recall seeing, in one of the videos, a tab that had a row for each item, and columns for linked policies and controls? I cannot find it now, though. :frowning:
(I thought it was going to be in Compliance Analysis and then in the Filter setting, It has checkboxes for showing ‘Destination Mappings’ and ‘Source Mappings’, but checking these does not show anything (from the Mitigations or anything else)

Ah - typically, after being baffled for about two days,
I figured it out about 10 minutes after I posted my question :sweat_smile:

It is in the Compliance Analysis module – I had to click ‘Manage Filter’ and click the three horizontal lines (‘hamburger’) icon in that to select different (modules?) to pull in fields from. Doh!

from a “problem perspective”, you see that on compliance management / compliance analysis … you might need to adjust the filter to show these controls ,policies ,etc…

from a “solution” perspective you go to controls and policies and do the same filter magic…well sort of magic …

if you need help write to , we’ll try to help you there or with a zoom call

Ah, so I can do it in both directions :slight_smile:

I am setting up custom filters to share with colleagues using this workflow, very helpful! :slight_smile: