Question - Edit user have to update password

I think this is a bug, but I’ll wait to be told it’s a feature. Whenever I go into a user to modify the group, etc. it forces me to update the password. When I hit save, it appears to check the password field that was filled out when I opened it, then note that the second password entry is blank, and toss an error that they have to match.

Hello Mike, I can not reproduce this on our side. What version are you using?

Version Info:
App Version
DB Schema Version

I checked again this morning, and followed these steps:

  1. Opened Setting / User Management
  2. Selected Edit on a local user account
  3. Added a group to the user
  4. Hit Save
    Got the passwords must match message.

Can you write me an email on when you are available for a call? So we can review it together?

It looks like I missed you, but I think I figured it out. It isn’t eramba doing it, it is Chrome. It sees the password field, and it is automatically filling it in.

ah ok, Thanks for clarification.