Question - Edit with API

Hi all,

We don’t know if we are doing something wrong, but when we try to edit one element with the API we need to indicate all the fields (not just the one/ones that we would like to update).


I don’t see PUT in the API documentation on my system. Have you tried PATCH? It is listed, though I can’t tell if all the fields listed in the body are required or not.

If so, I would GET the entry, then modify the field you want to change, then PATCH it.

Thanks Mike,

I have tried with PUT and PATCH as well (the results is the same). Both methods are valid in order to edit an existing instance.

The “problem” of doing GET and PATCH with all the information is that you need to do some extra transformations because the syntax/format of the json is not the same.



yes, this is how it is implemented. You have to edit all fields.
Maybe we can change this post to future request?

Yes, it will be nice if you can add this to the backlog (not needed on short term).


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