Question - Email notifications on community


We recently setup Eramba and adding items into various sections. We also uploaded policies and procedures. Some of them are marked as outdated and we get an alert in the dashboard. However the software is sending emails. Email configuration is working and test emails go through. Only Notification emails are not working.

There are no emails in pending/sent list. All hourly crons have run successfully. We are using office365 to send mails.I also tried with another locally maintained server (Zimbra) that did not work either.

Does opensource version send email notfication? If so, is there a way to troubleshoot and fix this?

We are using Opensouce App Version: 3.16.2 on Docker

Per the feature chart here - Get Eramba | Eramba learning portal (click “Show All Features”), it appears that notifications are exclusive to the Enterprise edition.

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Thank you. Is there anyway to test the email notifications? We want to test it to decide on getting license.