Question - eramba & Business Analytic Tools

We have zero experience with business analytic tools and we think we need to explore further along this road.

We have a project for Q12018 of re-working how we “explain” GRC, so far tables and such. We want to use graphics to explain things, for that we have two options:

1- build graphical interfaces in eramba using code
2- using third party tools

So far we have considered #1, in fact we have found the people that could help us and we are working out the financials. But perhaps # 2 is an option for which we simply dont have enough experience with.

We are now looking at Power BI (just because we liked the website and it is free) and how it could work with eramba. Does any of you have any experience on the field ? not just using this kind of tools but also implementing them.

Regards !

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Some customization of the builtin dashboard would be interesting, I think in an other post there was a reference to the librairies.

I’m more interested in option 2, PowerBI.
Currently, using it for a couple of other environments, but those are mostly pre-built dashboard with some custom adjustments.

I’ve made an internal request for a read only database account in our dev environment.

Thanks Rene - yes , that library is quite powerful and we have in consideration using it. We are also doing our own little investigation into powerbi.

The refreshment will be on the entire system btw !

Wish you a good weekend!