Question - eramba VM for ESX


We get bombarded with mails asking for a ESX ready VM, does anyone here has experience with ESX ? I did my google research and it seems that:

1- eramba needs to purchase Vmware workstation license (which only runs on windows)
2- then build a VM (there are many settings here , is there a “standard work everywhere” set of settings?)
3- install Ubuntu
4- install eramba
5- export that VM into a single file (this is the bit im not sure … how an exported ESX vmware looks like, ive seen some of them include many files)

We know how to do 1, 3,4 but are unsure about 2 and 5. Is there anyone here that knows this stuff well so I setup a Amazon EC2 running windows with Workstation and help us with those steps?

Amazon gift vouchers - thats all we have to reward :frowning:


If I recall correctly, you already provide the Eramba VM in Virtual Box (OVA) format. ESXi allows you to import/deploy an OVA file natively:

This is exactly what I did in our environment (deployed the OVA to ESXi). Not sure why you’d need to build a completely separate image for ESXi (except to include the VMware Tools or Open VM Tools).


Yep - i thought that was possible but many many people tells me the OVA we give out is not “Vmware” compatible…so i just got enough of frustrated emails and decided to put two VMs , one for virtualbox and another for ESX.

I already paid the 170 eur license for vmware workstation (ouch!)