Question - Expired contracts and control status

Should an expired contract affect the control status? We have an expired contract associated with a control and the control still has green “OK” box, no indication of a problem. Also the compliance items which use the control with the expired contract are also green “OK.” Should an expired contract for a control affect the compliance status that relies on that control?

well we certainly have an opinion , but we dont think our opinion is relevant as in the end is you who uses the system not us !

what i’m trying to say here is that generally speaking eramba tries (not always succeeds) to give users the option to configure these type of things, using dynamic status you have an option in the internal control menu to trigger a status defined by you:

I think that might help on your quest ! check out dynamic status they are an important feature:

The same approach can (most likely) be used in the compliance analysis module. Have not tested it tough.

good luck

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Thanks for the help, I was successful in doing what I needed!

we finally did something useful this week !