Question - Failure after logon (Closed)

I have met now this error for the 3rd or 4th time. After some time of inactivity and when logging in again, I get the famous congratulations screen.

After a restart of the webserver everything looks good again. I first supposed it was just due to updates, but today I didn’t do anything in the settings at all. I logged in in the morning, wanted to log in in the afternoon again and whoops the error screen appeared.
There doesn’t seem to be any error log on the server at least (according to my colleague).

uhm… Can you enable debug and see if you can get the detailed error?
Thanks Fabian

That’s the problem, I can’t do anything, I’m always getting back to the login screen and after logging in, this error is displayed. I’ll try to reproduce it today with activated debug log.

Really strange, havent really seen or got a report for this. Once logged in , make sure you update ACLs (System / Settings / Access Lists), clean cache (System / Settings / Cache) and enable debug. While in debug the system works slower but if you catch the error it will be stored on app/tmp/logs/error.log

Sorry for this inconvenience Fabian :frowning:

In the end this was a firewall making mess with LDAP queries - nothing to do with eramba.
We’ll anyway make a nicer error message if LDAP fails to connect to the server

thanks Fabian!