Question - Filter “either one of 2, or both”

I’m needing a filter in the audit that says:
“Show me the controls that have audits AND maintenance this year”
When making that filter it shows me one sngle control that have both an audit and a maintenance this year.
But I want to see the 39 controls that have audit I 2020 and the 22 controls that have maintenance I 2020 in the same filter.

Somebody know how to “hack” this? :sunglasses:


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It seems that what you actually need then is an OR instead of an AND ? if that is the case, is not possible filter combinations are AND in between them … making that optional is really really complicated to do, at least now !

Hmm. I also need to filter all audit dates from a specific period: Q3-Q4 2019. Is that the same issue? Not possible for the moment?
I can only find the “from” date and not “from and to date” in the filter . but mayby there is a triggy workaround ? :slight_smile:

you need to filter against the “planned date” twice? from this plan date to that plan date?

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