Question - Filters Speed

We got one support case were filters are taking “minutes” to load, i want to share with this with everyone because i’m curious about your feelings. A few facts:

  • In order to make visualisations, Filters got more complex and they run slower
  • But by no means they should take “minutes”, we tested this with large databases and we did not see that sort of timing.

This system has 84 controls and many compliance analysis relationships and risks, if you load the Security Services page it takes 2 seconds aprox.

If i edit the filter and load a couple of fields it takes a couple of seconds as well.

The server running this instance is in AWS , is probably the cheapest instance. 2g ram and 1 processor @ 2.4ghz. The disk speed is what makes a big difference in my experience, in this case throughput is 80 or so megs / sec.

Our php.ini settings (careful that if you run ubuntu you have one php for CLI and another for PHP) have 512mb of ram, that also helps a lot since filters tend to use a lot of memory:

I’m sharing this because i think it may be helpful for you to review your hardware settings if you feel is slowerish.