Question - Groups Permissions for assets assigned to that group

Is there a default list of permissions I can view for a group to enable members of that group to see the assets assigned to them and be able to do a review on them and the associated risks with that asset? I added the group to each asset and risk, but the group permission list has a dizzying amount of permissions. I was hoping that someone had come up with the vital list of permissions needed to enable access by a user of that group to log in see the dashboard, and also see their items under assets and risks.

you need to review the concept of “Visualisations”

this is Access Lists, it has no relation with the topic above, review the doc here:

What you “see” and “where you can click” are different things in eramba, the “Access Management” course explains this in detail, check it out it should help.


I need the same facility. I need the facility that the users can only see their assets and can only edit and view their own risks, projects etc (risks, projects which are assigned to him).

I didn’t understand if this is possible in eramba from the answers.

If someone can clarify the topic, I will be very glad.

is all in the documentation: