Question - How can I check the Eramba database?

After manipulating Eramba and creating users and messing around with the modules, I want to see the database of these information. Where can i Find it

We don’t recommend connecting directly the database for any purpose.

Apart from being tricky and difficult to understand, attacking the database can be dangerous and can affect performance. For this reason, we do not offer support in this kind of configuration.

To extract information or integrate eramba with other tools, you can use the REST API instead REST APIs | Eramba learning portal

Yes, but in some countries like KSA, everything should be geographically situated on their premises.
So if I want to implement eramba in KSA, everything should be situated in KSA (including the database). Is it possible or not?
Like the client in KSA has his own database of every information in KSA.
Thank you

You have two-way or run eramba.

  • On-Premise: eramba will be hosted on your premises, so you will choose where it is located
  • SaaS: eramba will be hosted on our premises. For now, you only can choose between EU and US


Okay Perfect
thank you